Our philosophy is simple. Intricate planning -
personalized touch - perfect execution - professional service.

Client Recommendation

  • Charm, we would like to thank you and Shamal from the bottom our hearts for everything you both did to make our dream wedding a reality!

    Even as a little girl, I always wanted to have my wedding in the beautiful island of Sri Lanka. When my prince charming asked my hand in marriage, I was beyond excited to start planning our dream wedding in Sri Lanka. So the planning began only to realize the amount of stress that came with planning a wedding overseas. I was at a loss and the stress took a toll on both Dilshan and I, hence why we decided to seek the assistance of a professional wedding planner. Soon after I was able to find the fairy god mother of wedding planners, Charm De Silva!!!

    Charm contacted us immediately to start planning the wedding, as we were getting closer to the date. She spent hours talking to us (late nights for her due the time difference of 8+ hrs) not only to get details of our vision but to plan and execute the event while maintain our budget. She provided us with great details on all aspects and a variety of options on what would best suit our needs.

    Once we arrived in Sri Lanka, we met with Charm and we connected instantly. Her passion for what she does, her polite and welcoming personality put us at ease right away. I remember her telling me over and over again not to stress out as she will be handling everything from now on. Did she ever!! Charm set up all the necessary appointments with vendors for us. She accompanied us during these appointments and took the lead on giving directions to achieve the results that we were looking for. What I admire the most about Charm is the fact, she took the time to understand what it is that we were looking for and what we envisioned our wedding to be like. Her creativity and attention to detail was impeccable.

    On the day of our wedding, all we wanted to do was to enjoy our day. Not worry about anything or stress over any matter. Charm & Shamal did just that. All we had to do was get ready and walk down the aisle. All the other details were dealt by Charm and the MM team. Our wedding was the fairy tale wedding, we envisioned it to be. Charm took charge of all aspects and made our dream come true. Words are not enough to show how grateful we are to you and the MM team. Our wedding was everything we wanted it to be and more. It was absolutely beautiful & magical. We had compliments all around on how beautiful the decorations were and how unique everything was especially the ceremony (poru ceremony). It was breathtaking. Charm took the time to make personalized creations that were so important to both Dilshan and I. We were both mesmerized by every single detail.

    Charm & Shamal, you both weren't just planners to us as we felt you were both family helping us with our big day. I can't imagine what it would have been without the two of you. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! Thank you for giving us our dream wedding and thank you for the endless support. You were our lucky Charm. We are forever grateful!

    - Shashini & Dilshan

  • Every girl dreams of her BIG day to be a chapter of a fairy tale.. I was one of them. And for all those dreams to hit reality, I profusely extend my sincere thanks to Charm De Silva of Magical Moments....
    Before meeting Charm De Silva, Dhananjaya & I met several other wedding planners but when we first met with Charm and spoke to her, on the same day with no doubts we handed over the planning of our big day to her. The reasons being, when I spoke to her about how I pictured my wedding day should be like, she immediately came up with brilliant ideas and pictures and themes which surprised me as if she knew me for ages and as if she could read my mind. From that day till the day of the wedding Charm amazed me with how she pulled off everything with such a short period of time and also making sure that me and Dhananjaya are not stressed at all at any point. Total professionalism & enthusiasm was shown in every way.
    She looked in to every teeny tiny little detail from the invitation cards to the flower decorations, sat with other service providers for hours and hours trying to get them to do what I need for my wedding, Truly a perfectionist!
    I had a little bridezilla moment on the day as one service provider did not deliver what I needed. Charm took action immediately and fixed the matter in no time like a “super woman”, Charm to the rescue!
    Everything was perfectly organized and we simply could not have achieved what we wanted without Charm and the team. I would say beyond expectations!
    We would highly recommend her great service to anyone who would love to have their dream wedding come true.. Because when I made Charm De Silva a part of our wedding we just did not hire a wedding planner.. I felt like a family member a close friend took over the responsibility of our big day.. so much Love, care and personal touch added to her great work.
    Charm, thank you so much for making our special moment a Magical Moment!
    Lots of love
    (Images in Gallery – Glitz & Glamour) 

    - Shashni & Dhanajaya Siriwardane


About Us

Our Company

In the field of Wedding and Event Management in Sri Lanka, Magical Moments has carved its place as a professional service provider with an inimitable focus on customization, creativity & originality. Our forte in Wedding & Event planning lies in knitting together delicate ideas and weaving them into a perfectly executed event. Be it an event for 50 or 500 guests, your ideas will become our inspiration and that is what will result in a truly momentous celebration. Our wide range of networked partnerships mean that end of the day, our clients enjoy the best benefits- and most savings.
Our philosophy is simple. Intricate planning - personalized touch - perfect execution - professional service. To experience it first hand,do give us a call.

Our Team

Comprising a small team of professional Wedding & Event planners, Magical Moments is spearheaded by Charmanie De Silva.

With a deep desire and passion for Wedding & Event planning since her young age, “Charm” has over the years taken that passion to another level and now enjoys more complex and larger scale event planning.With over a decade of experience in the Apparel Industry, the expertise she brings to the table far surpass client expectations. Heading the Marketing arm for several international, US & European brands of one of Sri Lanka’s largest apparel exporters, she has left behind a flourishing career to pursue this lifelong dream & passion of Wedding & Event planning.

With a flare for fashion , a high sense of quality & service standard along with expertise in Food & Beverage, the team at Magical Moments is well set to handle any event be it a large scale jamboree or a petite birthday gala. With apt negotiation skills to ensure you get the best deal, paired with the ability to handle any crisis situation or tight deadline; this Team holds diverse strengths & capabilities.Meet us and you will see for yourself the passion, enthusiasm, creativity and originality that have amazed many.

Our Pledge

Each event undertaken gets impeccable attention to detail & meticulous planning unique to the chosen theme, while the Team also has a natural ability to transform simple ideas into distinctive and authentic events. With a Professional work ethic and a high degree of integrity, you will find the Team at Magical Moments to be sincere and forthright.

Your special day will becomes ours. And your thoughts & dreams lay the foundation for crafting those truly Magical Moments.Experience a fresh & innovative approach to event planning blended with careful consideration for each client's needs;as we at Magical Moments take Wedding and Event planning to a whole new dimension in Sri Lanka.