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Client Recommendation

  • I must admit the most memorable moment of my life was getting married, but to be honest i never thought I’ll get through the this so smoothly, having been to many weddings and being the best man on many occasions i was dubious that it would go smoothly, but thanks to all the planning it went just as smooth as a symphony orchestra. and this was all possible because Magical Moments planned it, they were fantastic absolutely, never thought a wedding would be this much enjoyable since everything was taken care of, me and my wife were like VIP guests on that day having the most wonderful time. Magical Moments took this event right from its roots, they were engaged with us right from the start of planning, they consulted us on planning for a hotel to finer details like setting up little candles on the guest tables. I cant imagine how much planning they put to this special event. to be honest I don't think it would have been a success if not for the serious engagement Magical Moments had with us, finally on the wedding day and the most important day there was this list of things to do and it was all well taken care of our kind lady , Charm and the crew.
    Every single moment was carefully organized so that we didn't miss anything, the photography, registration, cutting of the cake, introducing guests and till the time we went out and came back to the hotel. every bit of detail was covered. despite being to many weddings where they killed each other about things that were not done right, i just had to say one thing , this was a blessing and everything went perfectly. I feel like getting married again (of course with my wife). most of all I thank Magical Moments for being very kind , at times like our own friend and for always having their happy faces for us and not forgetting the fantastic work they did behind and on the wedding day. it was such a memorable moment. i highly recommend any couple to consult Magical Moments to plan your wedding. Keep up your good work and Thank you so much..!!
    (Images in Gallery – Blend of two Cultures)

    - Krishantha Senevirathna

  • We wanted a simple yet elegant setting for our wedding celebration dinner and we sought the assistance of Charm with regard to the decor initially after having decided on a rooftop venue. She gave us some great cost-effective suggestions, showed us pictures, drew diagrams and informed us on where we could get what was required. It was later that she took on the co-ordinator role and I must say that I was touched by her generosity both with her time and free flow of ideas! She is meticulous in her planning and very detail oriented and knows just the right questions to ask which prompts you to think of things that you haven't even thought of, but really should have! It is this quality in Charm that sets her apart, because she is genuinely interested and concerned not only about the success of the event she is organising, but of the people that she is offering her services to.
    Janaka and I had nothing to worry about, because we knew that Charm and Shamal would work their "magic" and that everything would be perfect and it was! We were blissfully unaware of any glitches on the day because it was all taken care of, what we had to do was pretty simple - smile and enjoy our day! Our family and friends were blown away by the ambience created by the lighting at the entrance, the flower decor and the lanterns. The setting was just how we pictured it!
    Charm is truly gifted in her ability to create something beautiful, this coupled with her patience, relaxed and totally unruffled personality makes her a perfect event planner and co-ordinator.
    It is with much appreciation to Charm and Shamal that I write this testimony. A heartfelt thank you!
    (Images in Gallery – Dancing under the Stars)

    - Chamarie Fernando