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Client Recommendation

  • I was very impressed with Charm's organizing capabilities when she was the chosen event coordinator for my grandson's fifth birthday party. Most of us think " oh I can handle it "- and I was certainly one of them, until the day of the birthday party when I noticed the difference it made to the overall success of the party.

    When I was faced with planning and organizing a Home Coming for our son and daughter-in-law who were coming over from Australia, I was determined to truly enjoy the Home Coming by entrusting the coordination work (especially on the day) to someone else.

    I was very confident that I could achieve this by simply engaging Charm, having seen her exceptional talent, capabilities, fresh ideas, professionalism and commitment that she brings to an event. Extremely meticulous and detailed oriented, Charm, together with great support from husband Shamal, make a tremendous duo to ensure that the decor and hall has the "wow factor" and the event moves smoothly according to the program. Nothing is too much for her, and she cheerfully accommodated all my last minute requests as well.

    I wish Charm and Magical Moments all the very best for the future.

    Shalini Panditaratne

    (Images in Gallery – Natural Beauty )

    - Shalini Panditaratne

  • I needed help with my wedding as I was working full time and had no one to help me organize such a big event. Where to find the beautician, flowers, cakes , cards etc was a huge question mark for me. I had no idea and no time to be asking people or to look through web sites and magazines, I had to plan it within 5 months. Charm was a God send, she helped me to select the best suppliers by introducing me to all vendors so I could select the best. She also helped me, advised me and guided me in my decisions. It was such a strong support to have her to help me and remind me of what I needed to do every step of the way. Even though her husband had to undergo a heart bypass surgery on the day of my wedding she still made sure she was present at the wedding to coordinate and everything went perfectly. I actually did not feel any stress as I knew I could count on her. Thanks Charm for being a big help to me to make my wedding day beautiful !

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    - Januka Thillakaratne