Our philosophy is simple. Intricate planning -
personalized touch - perfect execution - professional service.

Destination Wedding Planning


As the name suggests, when you desire a Destination Wedding- we ensure the Destination will leave its mark on your Special Day. Be it a tropical Beach Wedding, a Romantic Lakeside affair or maybe an exotic location amidst Sri Lanka’s vast outdoor grandeur; we ensure your Dream Destination wedding becomes a reality .

We are budget friendly! So our price matches our promise and no budget is too small as each Destination wedding is uniquely planned and personalized. Furthermore we also offer an easy payment plan to further enable the realization of every couple’s dreams.

  • Vying for that Perfect Venue? Fret not, as sourcing idealistic venues is our forte ! further supplemented by the partnerships we have secured with some of the most breathtaking & luxury villas in spectacular settings around Sri Lanka.
  • One size does not fit all. And that’s why we offer a personalized service that would WOW be it an intimate gathering of a handful of guests or an extravagant soiree.
  • When you work with us, you will feel the security of partnering with an experienced and reliable Destination Wedding planner. Our client testimonials, say it all!

In this niche package, we will assist you with the following;

  • Lock your Location - That’s where our expertise comes into play, enabling you to choose and own that truly unique Location for your dream day. Simply share your dream location ideas with us- and we will do the search!
  • Accommodation & Transport - Stay comfy, Travel easy! Be it hotel bookings or Transport arrangements in Sri Lanka for you & your entire family, we will ensure you get the ideal location and best deals anywhere in Sri Lanka!
  • Marriage Laws - Get Married- Stay Married! To ensure that you abide by the Marriage Laws governing Sri Lanka, we will ensure all the legalities are looked into and no stone unturned. Enjoy a blissful head start to your Wedded Life as you leave the painstaking legalities to us.
  • Local Customs - For those daring couples willing to try out new Customs & Traditions, we will advise you of the rituals & traditions that govern this truly diverse country. A deep understanding of those cultures will only enhance the significance of your new journey together.
  • Vendor Selections - Stress no more to find that perfectly trustworthy vendor. Our impressive portfolio of Vendors will give you an incredible variety to choose from. End of the day, you get the best deal, most saving and a trusted service delivery! What more could you ask for?
  • Other than the wedding day - - It’s not only the Destination that matters- but so does the Journey! And that is why we will ensure you and your family will enjoy the entire tenure at the destination and not only the wedding day. Our pledge is to fill your entire voyage with memorable moments, leading up to that one Magical Moment, as you tie the knot in your Dream Destination.
  • Wedding day Coordination - Get Married with Peace of Mind! This is our service guarantee when we undertake to do your ‘Wedding day Coordination’. Logistics, nitty-gritties, details and menus; leave it all to us and simply- ‘Get Married with Peace of Mind in this Tropical Isle of the Indian Ocean!’