Our philosophy is simple. Intricate planning -
personalized touch - perfect execution - professional service.

Wedding Day Coordination

As the big day approaches, let go of the stress of planning & logistical handling. It’s time to give it over to the Professionals and purely focus on your partner, your family and your friends. It’s time to make it all about you. This is why the ‘Wedding Day Coordination Package’ ensures you don’t have to worry about a thing- on YOUR Big Day! Our team will ensure every item is ticked on your checklist and every nitty-gritty detail is cared for and well attended to. So why not make use of our expertise to ensure you have a flawless day filled with Magical Moments?

Before Your Wedding Day

  • In-depth consultation 4-6 weeks before the wedding day to identify how the couple wants their wedding to flow
  • Drafting an Agenda - A comprehensive timeline from the start of your wedding day until the last guest leaves
  • Triple confirmation of vendors so nothing is left to chance: 1 month, 1 week & 1 day before

Rehearsal (For Church Weddings Only)

  • Pre preparation of rehearsal day itinerary 
  • Attendance coordination of Bridal party / family and Officiator 
  • Guide & Assist at Rehearsal as well as Wedding Day ceremony procedures 
  • Collection of items to be placed at Ceremony and Reception Venues. ie; Guest books / Unity candles / favors / programs / thank you notes etc

On Your Wedding Day

  • Comprehensive Wedding Day coordination 
  • Ensure vendors have arrived on time, handle any delays / workaround issues to ensure everything is in place despite the delays
  • Vendor assistance and direction at venue 
  • Set up of special event decor items including favors, placement cards, placing menus, guest book, Unity candles etc.
  • Confirm that your event decor is created to your specifications and the venues are set up as per client specifications 
  • Attend Ceremony and Reception and act as command central for the entire day and ensure agenda is followed as planned 
  • Work with the designated ushers and overlook the ushering of guests at ceremony and reception. 
  • Coordinate with family members and bridal party for formal photographs to maximize photographer time 
  • Work with the venue to ensure a smooth transition between ceremony, cocktail hour (if required) & reception
  • Ensure bridal party runs on schedule and assist with an on-time start
  • Orchestrate ceremony line-up to walk down the isle and coordinate with band / dance troupes / Bridal Party to help the couple make a grand entrance to the Reception Hall. 
  • Access to Magical Moments Event Planning emergency kit, to solve any unexpected problems
  • ensure gifts and envelopes are handed over to a trusted family member or friend designated by you at the end of the evening
  • Coordinate with decorator / florist that their items are removed from the venue in a timely manner
  • Your Planners will be on -site 4 hours prior to the event and right throughout the event till the end.
  • Deliver the wedding bouquet to a preservation company