Our philosophy is simple. Intricate planning -
personalized touch - perfect execution - professional service.


Jamie Walker United Kingdom - Director - BananaCloud Expedition Travel Wedding 2015

“ My various jobs and personal interactions over the years have put me in front of a great number of varied people. My judge of character has been sharpened by this and allows me to rely on my instincts. My initial meeting with Charm enabled me to trust those instincts telling me pretty much all I needed to know; that she would be calm, efficient, trustworthy, fair and be there as it became tough, as I knew I was not going to be asking for anything normal. Her immediate and efficient follow up then sealed the deal.

Charm stood out from the rest as Honest, reliable, realistic and with an aura that whatever I threw at her, it would be approached with a 'can do' attitude.....and I really did throw all sorts at her. I subsequently found out that we were definitely not the only wedding MM ran for the 12 month build up (obviously) and at the time of our wedding but there was barely a mention of anything else, most of the time it appeared that every moment MM had in their day was being dedicated to us.

Take organizing a wedding in the UK - it is hard work and takes a certain kind of person who is highly organized, committed and has great people skills... ...now imagine cranking the temperature up to 35 degrees by, clog all the roads with Tuks Tuks so that everyone goes at no more than 15mph...literally everywhere. Then add tropical storms, nearly 100% humidity and add into this folk who operate at the kind of pace that you might expect gentile Island holiday tropical paradise folk to operate at and you begin to see the mountains that Magical Moments move in order to match Western expectations with old World charm and elegance.

Was I happy with their services ? I Could not have been happier.

Personally, I have been telling friends who have weddings in the UK already booked, to bin the plans and get everyone on a plane to SL as soon as possible. You need loyal friends when you are organizing something so huge , that matters so much, and that is so far away. Many people are against pushing the boundaries and doing something as different as a four day wedding, on the other side of the World. There was plenty of polite opposition but loyal friends were exactly what we made in Charm and Shamal and lifelong ones at that.”
(Images in Gallery – Mission Impossible)

Kristina Walker United Kingdom - Wedding 2015

No words can thank you enough....if only people knew how much work went into our unique and fantastic wedding. Photos will never do it justice but thankfully 140 people have left Sri Lanka with the most amazing memories for life. I will recommend you to the highest level because we set the standard high and made history thanks to you. Our paths will cross again as an actual friendship arose from this collaboration. I will forward you photos to use as there are so many. Come to London one day and we will be your guides. Thanks guys , you were all brilliant!!
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Mission Impossible)

Micheal & Natasha Carter United Kingdom - Wedding 2015

Words cannot express enough thanks to Charm and all the team at magical moments for making our dream wedding a reality. Having never met in person or spoke on the phone, Charm managed to completely exceed our expectations of creating our dream chill out beach wedding. as i said before, Charm you are like a fairy godmother with a magic wand,, as any little thing requested seemed to appear! i cannot thank you enough, All of our guests could not believe the attention to detail and how professional and friendly you are.

it was a pleasure to meet your family and will recommend you to friends to help them bring their special day to a reality

Ama & Rozanne Dhanin Australia - Wedding 2015

Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts to Charm, Shamal and Nadisha for making our big day truly magical.

Charm, you readily took on our wedding even though we got in touch with you last moment and in that short time, you did such a wonderful job. Your creative touch and attention to detail with the décor was stunning. You were a great listener and ensured that the day progressed just as we wanted it down to the tiniest detail. You all were so patient with us and managed the day so well. The day couldn't have gone so well without your help.

To anyone planning a wedding or event in Sri Lanka - Charm and the team at Magical Moments are the ones you'd want handling your day. With Charm's passion for her work , vast knowledge, easy going nature and creativity, there's no way you can go wrong. I won't think twice about recommending Magical Moments to anyone planning a wedding/event anywhere in Sri Lanka.

We wish Charm and the team at Magical Moments all the very best and hope to meet you all again in the future.


Sean & Serena Hillier United Kingdom - Wedding 2015

From the bottom of our hearts we can't thank MM enough for the wedding they created for us. When Sean and I decided to have our wedding in Sri Lanka, we knew it would be at Mount Lavinia on the beach followed by a sit down meal in the Empire Ballroom, but that was as far as we managed to get! We were in over our heads as we had no idea where to begin with finding and selecting vendors. It was such a blessing when we were searching wedding planners in Sri Lanka on google and came across Magical Moments...there were a few other companies but none that stood out like MM. We read everyone's reviews and saw the videos of Charms work. When we contacted Charm for the first time she responded back to us on the same day and this efficient line of communication was continued throughout the next year and a half! Charm and her team planned absolutely everything for us, from the invitations right to the final details on the tables. All we did was send some images of what we liked and Charm ran with it. The outcome was exceptional - EVERYONE (including Sean and I) were blown away by what the team created. The ceremony decor and the reception decor were absolutely stunning! For the next week we had all the hotel staff tell us they'd seen hundreds of weddings in that hall but never seen the hall dressed as beautiful as that! The vendors Charm suggested were perfect too - from bad experiences I was dreading the hair and makeup trial but the beautician did such an amazing job, I was so so happy with everything and how my hair and makeup stayed in place the whole day and night! The photographers and videographers were fantastic too, they captured so many beautiful natural moments and caught the real essence of the day. Our DJ for the day and night was also great - the music he selected for the ceremony and cocktail hour was so apt and he really got the party started in the evening, catering for both our UK and Sri Lankan guests.

Charms attention to detail, organisation, understanding of our budget and calm nature is everything we needed in our planner - There are no words for what Magical Moments did for us. We would never have been able to have such a stress free day if it wasn't for Charm, Shamal and the Magical Moments team. I can't recommend them enough to people planning an event/wedding in SL.

Thank you again Magical Moments for helping create the most magical day for us. It was truly the best day of our lives!

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Shashini & Dilshan Canada - Wedding 2015

Charm, we would like to thank you and Shamal from the bottom our hearts for everything you both did to make our dream wedding a reality!

Even as a little girl, I always wanted to have my wedding in the beautiful island of Sri Lanka. When my prince charming asked my hand in marriage, I was beyond excited to start planning our dream wedding in Sri Lanka. So the planning began only to realize the amount of stress that came with planning a wedding overseas. I was at a loss and the stress took a toll on both Dilshan and I, hence why we decided to seek the assistance of a professional wedding planner. Soon after I was able to find the fairy god mother of wedding planners, Charm De Silva!!!

Charm contacted us immediately to start planning the wedding, as we were getting closer to the date. She spent hours talking to us (late nights for her due the time difference of 8+ hrs) not only to get details of our vision but to plan and execute the event while maintain our budget. She provided us with great details on all aspects and a variety of options on what would best suit our needs.

Once we arrived in Sri Lanka, we met with Charm and we connected instantly. Her passion for what she does, her polite and welcoming personality put us at ease right away. I remember her telling me over and over again not to stress out as she will be handling everything from now on. Did she ever!! Charm set up all the necessary appointments with vendors for us. She accompanied us during these appointments and took the lead on giving directions to achieve the results that we were looking for. What I admire the most about Charm is the fact, she took the time to understand what it is that we were looking for and what we envisioned our wedding to be like. Her creativity and attention to detail was impeccable.

On the day of our wedding, all we wanted to do was to enjoy our day. Not worry about anything or stress over any matter. Charm & Shamal did just that. All we had to do was get ready and walk down the aisle. All the other details were dealt by Charm and the MM team. Our wedding was the fairy tale wedding, we envisioned it to be. Charm took charge of all aspects and made our dream come true. Words are not enough to show how grateful we are to you and the MM team. Our wedding was everything we wanted it to be and more. It was absolutely beautiful & magical. We had compliments all around on how beautiful the decorations were and how unique everything was especially the ceremony (poru ceremony). It was breathtaking. Charm took the time to make personalized creations that were so important to both Dilshan and I. We were both mesmerized by every single detail.

Charm & Shamal, you both weren't just planners to us as we felt you were both family helping us with our big day. I can't imagine what it would have been without the two of you. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! Thank you for giving us our dream wedding and thank you for the endless support. You were our lucky Charm. We are forever grateful!

Patrik & Mihiri Arven Sweden - Wedding 2015

Thank you so much for making our lives so much easier on our big day! Charm, you did a great job! It was really easy to work with you and everything was planned very well. You always had lot of creative ideas to make the function so beautiful. How nice the wedding favor (orange shaped candle with the leaf marking name and table no) came out! All the decorations were absolutely beautiful and we wish we had time just to stare at the decorations. All the guests were praising about the decorations. Also it was because of you I was able to find the dress designer who designed me the perfect dress and the beautician who made me a really beautiful bride without destroying my natural beauty.

Planning a wedding is not easy at all and it is more difficult when you don’t live in Sri Lanka. When we decided to get married, the first thing I looked for is a Wedding planner. Google helped me to find Magical Moments and some other wedding planners. I wrote to a few and from the replies I received I felt Charm was the one for me. One main reason I picked Charm was that she is not just a wedding planner but also an event designer. So when I just told her my ideas and she could make something nice out of my ideas and that’s how our ‘Orange’ theme wedding came to a reality. After meeting Charm 7 months before the wedding, we only communicated through e-mails and had one Skype call just before we came to Sri Lanka for the wedding. We didn't have to worry about anything at the wedding as she took care of everything. What a relief!

Thanks again Charm for everything and wish you all the best to plan many more beautiful events in future!

Tuline Malecki USA - Wedding 2015

I had been looking forward to getting married ever since I was a little girl. No body tells you this, but your wedding is actually one of the most stressful occasions in your life. With so many decisions to make, and an abundance of ideas that continue to saturate social media networks, it is very challenging to really find what you want.

Charm de Silva from Magical Moments, was the first wedding planner that I met, and she was also the last. From the moment we met, we hit it off instantly. She is so passionate and confident about what she does, which really made me feel that I could let my fears and worries disappear. Magical Moments would take care of everything. Every time I would come up with an idea, Charm was already two steps ahead of me, always thinking, always creating, always doing.

I live in America, which meant that we had a 13 and a half hour time difference. This made it all the more challenging to set up phone calls and communicate with each other. But somehow, Charm was always there for me. Morning and night, I knew I could count on her.

Another thing that we were very pleased about, was Charm's ability to stick to our budget. Despite throwing all these ideas around, and introducing new elements to our wedding, Charm made sure that we were always on budget, so we had no unwanted surprises!

So if you are looking for a wedding planner that will share your enthusiasm and ensure that your 'big day' is as magical as ever, then I would definitely advise you to choose Magical Moments.

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Navin & Ana Mariella Peiris Canada - Wedding 2014

Magical Moments was recommended to us by family, and being on a tight budget we were not sure whether we needed a wedding planner. However, trying to plan a wedding in Sri Lanka all the way from Canada settled our minds. Despite the distance, Charm always felt like she was within easy contact, be it through Skype or e-mails. We had a short vacation in Sri Lanka 1 year before the wedding and Charm made sure that during that time all the appointments with prospective vendors were set up and we were able to have most of the important vendors booked well in advance. Even with her husband suffering medical issues during our trip, she made sure that her assistant accompanied us and she was always available for discussions. Planning a wedding so far in advance can be a tiring process but Charm helped ensure that we always kept moving forwards, without us feeling like we were being bombarded. We arrived shortly before the wedding and Charm again made sure that all the last minute appointments were set up well in advance. Though it was a hectic few days, we never felt like it was not going to get done on time, and were even able to have the last few days before the wedding just to relax! Charm completely understood the style we wanted and was extremely easy to work with. She listened to our ideas, and contributed many of her own. Her sense of style and attention to detail helped create a truly beautiful wedding, with many of our family and friends remarking how amazing everything looked.

On the wedding day it was such a blessing to have the whole Magical Moments team to support us and keep everything flowing smoothly, so that we never felt the necessity to be coordinating or organizing anything and we could just enjoy the moment. Everything was well planned out and went as smoothly as possible. Magical Moments really went above and beyond, even helping us package our wedding picture for our return trip home. It all came together better than we ever imagined. We highly recommend anyone planning an event in Sri Lanka to contact Magical Moments. Thank you Magical Moments for helping make our big day such a special one!

(Images in Gallery – An Intimate Affair) 

Shashni & Dhanajaya Siriwardane Sri Lankan Actor & Wife - Wedding 2015

Every girl dreams of her BIG day to be a chapter of a fairy tale.. I was one of them. And for all those dreams to hit reality, I profusely extend my sincere thanks to Charm De Silva of Magical Moments....
Before meeting Charm De Silva, Dhananjaya & I met several other wedding planners but when we first met with Charm and spoke to her, on the same day with no doubts we handed over the planning of our big day to her. The reasons being, when I spoke to her about how I pictured my wedding day should be like, she immediately came up with brilliant ideas and pictures and themes which surprised me as if she knew me for ages and as if she could read my mind. From that day till the day of the wedding Charm amazed me with how she pulled off everything with such a short period of time and also making sure that me and Dhananjaya are not stressed at all at any point. Total professionalism & enthusiasm was shown in every way.
She looked in to every teeny tiny little detail from the invitation cards to the flower decorations, sat with other service providers for hours and hours trying to get them to do what I need for my wedding, Truly a perfectionist!
I had a little bridezilla moment on the day as one service provider did not deliver what I needed. Charm took action immediately and fixed the matter in no time like a “super woman”, Charm to the rescue!
Everything was perfectly organized and we simply could not have achieved what we wanted without Charm and the team. I would say beyond expectations!
We would highly recommend her great service to anyone who would love to have their dream wedding come true.. Because when I made Charm De Silva a part of our wedding we just did not hire a wedding planner.. I felt like a family member a close friend took over the responsibility of our big day.. so much Love, care and personal touch added to her great work.
Charm, thank you so much for making our special moment a Magical Moment!
Lots of love
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Shanaka and Davina Kahakachchi Melbourne Australia - Wedding 2013

Myself and my new wife Davina would like to say a few words about how happy we were with the service provided by Charm, Shamal and their Magical Moments team.
Our circumstances were a little complicated- my family are Sri Lankans living in the UK and myself and my wife live in Melbourne. We enlisted the services of Charm and her team approximately 3 months before our wedding. I spoke to a number of wedding coordinators and planners as I knew this was an important decision, especially as we were not based in Sri lanka. In the end the reason that I decided to go with charm was that she really seemed to be focused on us as a couple and took an interest in us right from that first conversation. She was incredibly thorough with all of her planning, and really made sure she kept our wishes in mind with every decision. Communicating with her was easy as she is so well organized and dedicated. I felt like it was almost as if we had another family member helping us plan- which was amazing.
In the end, we were married at Taj Vivanta Hotel in Bentota, and ourselves, and our guests all had a brilliant day. We owe so much to Charm and her team for helping the process go so smoothly, without stress- so we could have such a memorable time. I couldn't speak more highly of the service we received. I am so glad we chose Charm's team and I have confidence she will do a great job for her future clients.
Thank you so much for all you have done for us- we really appreciate it!

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Januka Thillakaratne Praboth & Januka Thillakaratne's wedding - Wedding 2014

I needed help with my wedding as I was working full time and had no one to help me organize such a big event. Where to find the beautician, flowers, cakes , cards etc was a huge question mark for me. I had no idea and no time to be asking people or to look through web sites and magazines, I had to plan it within 5 months. Charm was a God send, she helped me to select the best suppliers by introducing me to all vendors so I could select the best. She also helped me, advised me and guided me in my decisions. It was such a strong support to have her to help me and remind me of what I needed to do every step of the way. Even though her husband had to undergo a heart bypass surgery on the day of my wedding she still made sure she was present at the wedding to coordinate and everything went perfectly. I actually did not feel any stress as I knew I could count on her. Thanks Charm for being a big help to me to make my wedding day beautiful !

( Event Images in Gallery – Rendezvous in Red) 

Chamarie Fernando Wedding Of Janaka & Chamarie

We wanted a simple yet elegant setting for our wedding celebration dinner and we sought the assistance of Charm with regard to the decor initially after having decided on a rooftop venue. She gave us some great cost-effective suggestions, showed us pictures, drew diagrams and informed us on where we could get what was required. It was later that she took on the co-ordinator role and I must say that I was touched by her generosity both with her time and free flow of ideas! She is meticulous in her planning and very detail oriented and knows just the right questions to ask which prompts you to think of things that you haven't even thought of, but really should have! It is this quality in Charm that sets her apart, because she is genuinely interested and concerned not only about the success of the event she is organising, but of the people that she is offering her services to.
Janaka and I had nothing to worry about, because we knew that Charm and Shamal would work their "magic" and that everything would be perfect and it was! We were blissfully unaware of any glitches on the day because it was all taken care of, what we had to do was pretty simple - smile and enjoy our day! Our family and friends were blown away by the ambience created by the lighting at the entrance, the flower decor and the lanterns. The setting was just how we pictured it!
Charm is truly gifted in her ability to create something beautiful, this coupled with her patience, relaxed and totally unruffled personality makes her a perfect event planner and co-ordinator.
It is with much appreciation to Charm and Shamal that I write this testimony. A heartfelt thank you!
(Images in Gallery – Dancing under the Stars)

Shalini Panditaratne

I was very impressed with Charm's organizing capabilities when she was the chosen event coordinator for my grandson's fifth birthday party. Most of us think " oh I can handle it "- and I was certainly one of them, until the day of the birthday party when I noticed the difference it made to the overall success of the party.

When I was faced with planning and organizing a Home Coming for our son and daughter-in-law who were coming over from Australia, I was determined to truly enjoy the Home Coming by entrusting the coordination work (especially on the day) to someone else.

I was very confident that I could achieve this by simply engaging Charm, having seen her exceptional talent, capabilities, fresh ideas, professionalism and commitment that she brings to an event. Extremely meticulous and detailed oriented, Charm, together with great support from husband Shamal, make a tremendous duo to ensure that the decor and hall has the "wow factor" and the event moves smoothly according to the program. Nothing is too much for her, and she cheerfully accommodated all my last minute requests as well.

I wish Charm and Magical Moments all the very best for the future.

Shalini Panditaratne

(Images in Gallery – Natural Beauty )

Riza Yehiya United Kingdom

As me and my family live in the UK, I decided to have my 50th birthday party in Sri Lanka so my parents and the rest of the family can celebrate. I wanted to find somebody who is reliable to take charge over the décor. After searching the Internet, I found Magical Moments which definitely stood out from the rest. I briefly said what I wanted for the party and Charm came up with brilliant ideas! I straight away decided to go with Magical Moments. As an artist, I have lots of creative ideas as I do plan different events at my work place. But she took my suggestions to the next level, and flooded me with even more brilliant ideas. Even when I had to change the background design, she came up with another fantastic idea to have a big banner with the letters 50 made out of photos! As a life long Bee Gees fan, I wanted all the table names named after one of their songs. I thought a name tag would do but Charm had other ideas. She suggested to have it on a LP! (Pls see the photos). Brilliant! Every table had a small disco ball with a small light underneath reflecting it on the disco ball. Never seen it before!
Everybody who attended the party loved the work of Charm and Magical Moments. She constantly updated me with all the planning and we had excellent communication throughout. Charm was so easy to work with and easy to talk to. I am so happy I selected Magical Moments and would highly recommend them to anyone.
Thank you Charm for all your help for making my birthday a memorable one
(Images in Gallery – DISCO FEVER)

Lilani Perera Chief Executive Officer Sri Lanka institute of Directors

“ Memories from Broadway” a dinner theatre organized by the Sri Lanka Institute of Directors was coordinated exceptionally well by Magical Moments event planners

Charm and her Husband Shamal , took over total responsibility to co-ordinate all the activities that day and fine tuned and synchronized everything to clockwork precision which was indeed admirable! We relaxed and enjoyed the moments with the usual pressure.

The Husband and wife combination complemented each other in their strengths. We wish Magical Moments the very Best in all endeavours.
(Images in Gallery –
Memories From Broadyway)

Dinusha Fernando Son’s Birthday Party

Charm was the perfect choice to plan our son's birthday party. Having recently arrived in Sri Lanka, we were sorely lacking information about how to organize a children's party here. It was a hectic time with the move and I didn't know where to start.
In stepped Charm to the rescue! Knowing that our 5 year old is a sports fan, she coordinated an Olympic-themed party for him and buddies, complete with matching invitations, décor, games, food and cake. She brought along a superbly efficient team on the day, with the result that the party ran smoothly, the kids had a ton of fun, and accompanying adults were well looked after. It can be challenging to manage a group of little ones without general chaos, but Charm's detailed preparation and flexible approach on the day made the task look easy!
What is especially fantastic about Charm is that she listens to her client. She will offer a range of great ideas without imposing any. She takes time to learn the client's own personal style of hosting a party before she designs and implements her blueprint. My husband and I are lucky to have found her and recommend Magical Moments without any reservation.

( Images in Gallery –
Let The Games Begin)

Krishantha Senevirathna Mei & Krishantha’s Wedding August 2013

I must admit the most memorable moment of my life was getting married, but to be honest i never thought I’ll get through the this so smoothly, having been to many weddings and being the best man on many occasions i was dubious that it would go smoothly, but thanks to all the planning it went just as smooth as a symphony orchestra. and this was all possible because Magical Moments planned it, they were fantastic absolutely, never thought a wedding would be this much enjoyable since everything was taken care of, me and my wife were like VIP guests on that day having the most wonderful time. Magical Moments took this event right from its roots, they were engaged with us right from the start of planning, they consulted us on planning for a hotel to finer details like setting up little candles on the guest tables. I cant imagine how much planning they put to this special event. to be honest I don't think it would have been a success if not for the serious engagement Magical Moments had with us, finally on the wedding day and the most important day there was this list of things to do and it was all well taken care of our kind lady , Charm and the crew.
Every single moment was carefully organized so that we didn't miss anything, the photography, registration, cutting of the cake, introducing guests and till the time we went out and came back to the hotel. every bit of detail was covered. despite being to many weddings where they killed each other about things that were not done right, i just had to say one thing , this was a blessing and everything went perfectly. I feel like getting married again (of course with my wife). most of all I thank Magical Moments for being very kind , at times like our own friend and for always having their happy faces for us and not forgetting the fantastic work they did behind and on the wedding day. it was such a memorable moment. i highly recommend any couple to consult Magical Moments to plan your wedding. Keep up your good work and Thank you so much..!!
(Images in Gallery – Blend of two Cultures)

Timothy Ching Sydney, Australia - Family Member of Mei & Krishantha

It was indeed a pleasure and a real 'Magical Moment, to meet with you and Shamal in Colombo at the wedding of Mei and Krishantha. Impressed is not enough a word to describe your handling and coordination of the wedding and I have yet to meet anyone with your expertise and precision to detail. This is for real and Charm and Shamal, you HAVE to be proud of yourselves!! Thank you for being so efficient and I am definitely going to pass on my comments and recommendations to anyone here in Sydney who would want to have 'THAT' magical moment in Ceylon! I guess that is something that only you can provide.
Thanks again and hopefully we shall meet sooner. In the meantime, please continue your good work and together with Yan, we say Thank You for adding that much more 'Magic' to a wonderful Moment. Good luck and you will definitely be hearing from a lot in Sydney. Continue the 'Magic' and the Moments will follow! Fondest regards and Thanks once again, Timothy C.
(Images in Gallery – Blend of two Cultures)

Rajiv Malalasekera CEO Brandix Lingerie Ltd

Having known Charm throughout her career as Apparel Product – Marketing & Development Executive thru to a Head of Marketing position at Brandix, I have no hesitation to recommend her services and in supporting her passion in event planning & management business. As reflected throughout her career, her pursuit of service excellence and attention to detail was a key attribute recognized by global apparel companies and her peers. I wish her the very best and look forward to utilizing her services for our business whenever possible.

Ashani Gopallawa Head Of Operations Embark - Odel

I have known Charm for over 10 years and can recommend her work without a moment of hesitation.  She is efficient, patient and extremely methodical in anything she takes on.  Her attention to detail and creativity is amazing.  She is professional, relaxed and easy going.  This is her passion and I have no doubt her ensuring your Dream Wedding becomes a reality.  I can only wish her the very best.

Dilshan & Asha Fernando

It gives us great pleasure to recommend Charm, as a wonderful person who has the ability to take on a huge task and take care of every minute detail, with great ease and professionalism. Over the years, she has acquired many skills in handling different projects to the entire satisfaction of her team as well as her organization.

Charm has great passion and commitment as well as amazing creativity, that has amazed us many a times. She has always been such a support in organizing several events for us, and have no doubt in recommending her to organize and manage an event to perfection.

We wish her every success in all her endeavors !

Glen Speering Director –Technology and Strategic Partnerships- Gennext (PVT) LTD

It gives me great pleasure to endorse and recommend Charm. Over the many years that I’ve known Charm I have come to appreciate and admire her strong work ethics and professional attitude. Her attention to objectives and end results are no less impressive.
She is extremely creative with a keen eye for details and with a determination to achieve perfection in whatever venture she undertakes.

She is a skilled collaborator and a project manager and among her colleagues and clients she is known for meeting deadlines. She is extremely empathetic and able to bring the best out of others.

I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who wants a job well done.

Suresh Weerasinghe Head Of Technical – Brandix Casualwear Ltd.

It was such a wonderful kids beach birthday party , the kids enjoyed a fun  afternoon filled with unique games , Good food and lots of nice add on’s that was out of the ordinary. Charm did a great job in personalizing and executing the event flawlessly with excellent  attention to the details.  I have seen her work many times through  the years I have known her and  there is immense creatively and originality in her work which made the events she organized for us unique and out of the ordinary.

There are so many instances that she has proved herself to be the most Talented & creative planner that I have come across…Cheers !!!! Keep up the good work! 

Jey & Kiru Somasundaram

Where can we even begin thanking you? It's hard to imagine our special day without you and we want to thank you for all your hard work and tireless efforts especially your patience, attention to detail and creativity in making it so very special. We really couldn't have done it without you. We've had so many compliments from our guests on every aspect of the event. We have so many unforgettable special memories, hats off to you Charm. 

Once again, Thank you from the bottom of our hearts....