Our philosophy is simple. Intricate planning -
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Client Recommendation

  • I was very impressed with Charm's organizing capabilities when she was the chosen event coordinator for my grandson's fifth birthday party. Most of us think " oh I can handle it "- and I was certainly one of them, until the day of the birthday party when I noticed the difference it made to the overall success of the party.

    When I was faced with planning and organizing a Home Coming for our son and daughter-in-law who were coming over from Australia, I was determined to truly enjoy the Home Coming by entrusting the coordination work (especially on the day) to someone else.

    I was very confident that I could achieve this by simply engaging Charm, having seen her exceptional talent, capabilities, fresh ideas, professionalism and commitment that she brings to an event. Extremely meticulous and detailed oriented, Charm, together with great support from husband Shamal, make a tremendous duo to ensure that the decor and hall has the "wow factor" and the event moves smoothly according to the program. Nothing is too much for her, and she cheerfully accommodated all my last minute requests as well.

    I wish Charm and Magical Moments all the very best for the future.

    Shalini Panditaratne

    (Images in Gallery – Natural Beauty )

    - Shalini Panditaratne

  • Every girl dreams of her BIG day to be a chapter of a fairy tale.. I was one of them. And for all those dreams to hit reality, I profusely extend my sincere thanks to Charm De Silva of Magical Moments....
    Before meeting Charm De Silva, Dhananjaya & I met several other wedding planners but when we first met with Charm and spoke to her, on the same day with no doubts we handed over the planning of our big day to her. The reasons being, when I spoke to her about how I pictured my wedding day should be like, she immediately came up with brilliant ideas and pictures and themes which surprised me as if she knew me for ages and as if she could read my mind. From that day till the day of the wedding Charm amazed me with how she pulled off everything with such a short period of time and also making sure that me and Dhananjaya are not stressed at all at any point. Total professionalism & enthusiasm was shown in every way.
    She looked in to every teeny tiny little detail from the invitation cards to the flower decorations, sat with other service providers for hours and hours trying to get them to do what I need for my wedding, Truly a perfectionist!
    I had a little bridezilla moment on the day as one service provider did not deliver what I needed. Charm took action immediately and fixed the matter in no time like a “super woman”, Charm to the rescue!
    Everything was perfectly organized and we simply could not have achieved what we wanted without Charm and the team. I would say beyond expectations!
    We would highly recommend her great service to anyone who would love to have their dream wedding come true.. Because when I made Charm De Silva a part of our wedding we just did not hire a wedding planner.. I felt like a family member a close friend took over the responsibility of our big day.. so much Love, care and personal touch added to her great work.
    Charm, thank you so much for making our special moment a Magical Moment!
    Lots of love
    (Images in Gallery – Glitz & Glamour) 

    - Shashni & Dhanajaya Siriwardane


Why choose us?

  • With us there are no cookie-cutter methods. We bring your vision to reality by first getting to know you and your style. We kick into motion thereafter, to ensure your Wedding or Event is as unique as you want it to be.
  • We boast of an excellent clout of contacts for Event & Wedding planningin the diverse fields of Entertainment, F&B, Travel and many more. We place utmost respect in safeguarding your trust; so you are assured of the best prices and substantial savings when working with us. Save not only money, but also your time as we offer an unmatched selection of vendors to choose from. 
  • It is our duty to shrink your stress - one that we take very seriously! You will be pleasantly surprised at the level of excitement and fun you’d have by partnering with us.This is our sincere pledge.
  • We understand the Sri Lankan culture, its languages & customs to perfection; so you can relax knowing that every last detail has been given due attention. Our end-to-end service guarantee is that we attend to every minute aspect of your Wedding or Event planning; be it supplier coordination or prudent attention to detail, on the very day of your event.

Needless to say you will enjoy peace of mind when you work with us. The pressure is off and all you need to do is sit back and enjoy your day and focus on what truly matters.

So it’s really not about Magic after all. It’s all about you. For us, that’s what makes these Moments, truly Magical.